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Authenticity Objection

Stryv May 1, 2017
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I want to quickly address something that's so important that not a lot of people realize can happen.

When you want to transform you get so much from other people who aren't at that same level as you, and you'll understand about the levels when we go through the personal transformation model, but they'll try and say things to you that can be let in about “well be you, just be real, be authentic” and it can start to feel like this idea of who you want to become is actually inauthentic about who you actually currently are now.

I'm just here to encourage you and try and shatter that belief process if you have that at all. Hopefully, you don't have it but I wanted to absolutely address it here in that, there is nothing wrong with wanting to transform and to be more and it's one of the most exciting brilliant things and I love hanging around with those people and that's why I formed the company in the first place. So instead of, you know, just thinking along the ideas of what other people tell you, “oh just be you, be real, be authentic”, my advice is become you.

So when you have this person in your mind of who you want to be and how that person inspires other people and the life that that person lives, it is your, not duty, but joy in life to go ahead and become that person and don't worry about what other people say. And that's why I put this photo up. Because the reason I tell you not to worry about what other people say is because you'll at least have one person in me that will be there to high-five you at the top. And I know you'll have thousands of other people who are within the strivers community that will high-five you when you get to that place.

So forget about the other people that are saying be authentic, just stay how you are, you know you're fine. And you are completely fine and brilliant how you are. I'm not saying that, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with you or broken now.
All I'm saying is if you have that vision and that drive and hunger of who you know you can become then go ahead and do it and we'll be there to high-five you at the top of that mountain. And you know what's going to happen is you'll get there and then we'll show you the next mountain. And it'll be exciting to go and do that and not to try and hold your spirit down of saying “oh just be real, just be authentic”.
The real you is showing up with everything you're possible and capable of.

So I just want to highlight that there and that leads us into the section on the one-page growth plan, about - and you're going to do two sections - and we're going to do the empower section. Because it's so important in order to have a protection against other people that don't kind of understand and don't support you. You’ve got to get ‘empowered’ a bit right, so you know exactly why you're doing it, so that you don't falter when they start saying ridiculous things, “oh just be you” and “it's not authentic to want to transform and change”. So you're going to fill out the empower section and this is about why you want this. Why you want to become this person that you imagine and can see in your mind so clearly. And the point is to say, so I'll give you my example. I want absolute security. I want to experience all life has to offer. I love the finer things in life. I don't want to have any limits. I want to help those less fortunate. I want to feel like I have a purpose in the world, that it is a better place because of me in it. I want the excitement that comes with big challenges. I want love and I want to look in the mirror and feel proud.

So that’s how I now know why I want to transform, why I want to keep improving myself and then I'm going to go into the ambition section and actually write down, you're going to do this, and write down the six medium to short-term actions and things you want to achieve.

So for example, what you’re going to put in your desire at the top, they could be your big level goals.

You’re going to put some more short-term and medium in ambition. So if you want to lose weight, you may actually put an ambition here of say ‘losing five pounds’ or ‘going to the gym five days in a row’. So it can be whatever those goals you want to set for yourself. But they're kind of shorter than what the big ones are at the top they're starting to bridge the gap between you know the milestones along the way, between where your current reality is and where you’re ultimate desire is.

It’s important to have those on the page because when you're looking at this in the morning and evening, you want to know with clarity what are the next things you need to be focused on. So go ahead and do that now and just remember that you can run as fast as you want in terms of your own transformation becoming who you are because you will have the Stryv community there cheering you on and high-fiving you when you get to that place.