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Developing Your Self

Stryv May 1, 2017
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Now you've hopefully completed your one-page growth plan. If you haven't yet go back and do that first. It’s so so important you don't just go through this program intellectually, that you actually do the actions not just get the knowledge, do the actions as it will help you transform.

So how do you use that then in order to help you in developing yourself?

What I want you to do is:

> print out the one-page growth plan or create a hyperlink to the Google document or file, like have it easily accessible. So if you create the Google document make sure you've got a bookmark, not just on your desktop but also on your phone, so it's easy to get to. Set that up now, set yourself up for success in advance.

> Review it first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed. Go through it all. Now, we'll go through more in other modules about really getting the emotion behind it and really seeing the vision because the three things you want to get when going through it is you want the visual image of you achieving it, you want the words and you want the emotion-feeling; so you can go and get the vision board and things like that and put that there as well as you're going through it - Probably already a lot of you may do that already and have that kind of vision board thing - So it's really important to have those three things. You want the words. so that's why you're going through the sheet, the image and the emotion that you're feeling and we'll go through in more detail how to really get that emotional side of things as well. But you want to put yourself in state as much as possible.

> Go through it during the day also if you want. You know as much as you can keep reinforcing this and building that result in your mind first, it's going to build that belief and start getting the positive confirmation bias for yourself.

> Add reminders on your phone or around your environment of the first two-three big desire numbers. The thing you put at the top, like the three things you're absolutely focusing on.

Put the goals around somewhere, put little reminders on your phone so it comes up throughout the day. So it keeps what you've set up in advance, keep pulling your consciousness back to those outcomes. Then also put the three method prompts. So this is why we created those little sections so you've got prompts. So you can actually embed it in your daily life. So put a prompt up to remind you. Mine were “profoundly giving” for my middle one that or “discipline” for my workout. So since I always work out in the morning at the same time maybe I want the prompt to come up during the middle of my workout, so that's things you can schedule into your day to remind you, and now as soon as I had discipline and I know it's to do with my workout, I know that I've got to also get the calories in, so I've got out my protein shake afterwards and those other things it reminds me what actions I need to be doing in order to create the success and create the self that I want to be to be successful. Then the third one is put the ‘self’ up around everywhere. So and this is the short version that little like one-line title not the full written bit. This is why we created that again. So that you're reminded over and over who it is you're becoming and what you want to be. So important, it's about that consistency without changing those neurological pathways you know. Your brain is, this brain plasticity you will change your brain in the structure of it and start seeing your reality different and transform the results you create in the belief you have.

> Bonus: Record yourself saying all the things on your sheet and put it on your device to listen to it over and over. You're doing really well if you do that and make the effort to go out and do that. But it's so valuable hearing, you are now hearing yourself say the things you are becoming over and over. It’s so powerful getting into your brain.

And then I want to share with you my personal practice of how I use this in the morning. So after I've gone through it then every morning what I do is I put on inspiring music and I do six rhythmic breaths repeating the self-short title, so the one we just discussed about the one line, because you can remember it and it gets it in the brain.

And the rhythmic breath, I'll explain more in the physiological module, but it's the fastest way to bring your body and state back to kind of a neutral point that you can then build from. So you get rid of any anxiety or things like it. So that takes one minute.

Then I do three things I appreciate and first things I appreciate myself for one minute, things I appreciate about other people and relationships one minute, and then three things, sorry and then things I appreciate for in the environment or my house or food or just things outside of me and other people for one minute - so that takes a total of three minutes.

Then I focus on my big three outcomes and it's one minute per outcome, just focusing on it, imagining it being achieved and already done. So this is where you can focus on that big number that you've got in the desire bit and the method bit. You can focus on outcomes and action seeing it has already done, already complete and that's another three minutes and then finally I do a healing vision, where I imagine myself you know roots coming up from me through the floor, through the ground and then all the negative energies flows out of me and I focus on that part for one minute. then the second part is a light comes down from up above, like 400 feet in the sky comes through, and it's positive energy cleansing my whole body for one minute and then I spend one minute trying to radiate that out to as many people as possible.

Now I think what I might do is I might actually create a recording for you guys in order to listen to. I'd been meaning to create one for myself for a while and just haven't thought to do it. But now create one for the StryvXers because I can know what I'm doing. But it's good to have the specific timings as well. Some music I recommend is things like the gladiator soundtrack and things like that, but I might actually create a recording just so you've got that timings and you don't have to try and remember as you're doing this.

If you are do those things of putting the reminders on your phone, going through the sheet every morning and night and doing this kind of practice then you will completely change the perception of yourself and your reality. You’re reshaping those beliefs and it's going to change the confirmation bias to be working in your favor and then you start getting something called synchronicity, where you've set your reticular activating system (RAS), a part of your brain which notices the things that are going to help you achieve that. It's like when you buy a new car and you see that car everywhere now. It’s not because those cars weren't there before, it's just you've set your intention on what it is and who you're becoming.

You’ll start to see this stuff and it's going to help you achieve things so much faster.

So that's the foundational module. Now we're going to go on to the bedrock of what can completely shift your view of challenges and you know how you view reality and showing you the foundation of that which is Integral Theory.

So I'll see you in the next module.