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Stryv May 1, 2017
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Now let's talk about ownership.I may do a longer video on this, because this is one of the most single important points throughout everything.

The main thing to say is you are responsible for everything you create in life, No one else, and the sooner you accept that the more power you have to direct the cause of your destiny and become the person you truly want to be.

So the question you to ask yourself when you look you in the mirror is “am I truly owning my life?” It really starts with understanding where you are right now and the gap of where you want to be, Because if there is a gap, then the only person who can change that and transform that is you and there's some areas where it's as clear as day there is literally nothing anybody else can do.

So I'll give you an example.

Let’s say you have a goal of having more money. Now it is possible, highly unlikely, but it's quite possible that somebody may give you some money or you may inherit it. You haven't really had to do that much to maybe reach that new level.

But let's talk about things like weight and health like I would say 90% of people coming into this program have some kind of health-related goal or weight loss or weight gain or something like that. And let's be fair, there is not anything anybody else can do to help you achieve that. You know you are the only person who can feed you, eat the food or do the workout. It doesn't matter how much money you've got, it really doesn't matter, and you’ve got to be the one to go to the gym. You’ve got to be the one to put the food in your body. Now you can get people to cook for you and be healthier like that and take ownership of that, but there's literally nothing you can do apart from that.

It's the same thing with your own development. There’s not thing that you can do nobody can help you in any way to change your consciousness without you taking the actions. You can go through programs like this and you're taking ownership of accelerating it, but you've still got to do the practices, do the work, and do the exercises which I'm showing you now.

So there are some things in life, and its most things, where literally no one else can help you even if they really wanted to. And even if in areas where they could like the money or something like that, they won't. They’re busy trying to look after themselves and so you've got to look yourself in the mirror and really say that where I am today is because of me.

That can either feel a bit painful, but even if it feels painful it can be liberating. Because that means you're back in control. If someone else is the reason you are where you are today then they've still got the control. You know if you still, if you blame it on someone else or your fears or whatever like that then youre not taking ownership and you then have to wait for someone else to change their behavior or change the situation for you and you don't know if they ever will.

Whereas if you own it completely and truly everything in your life then your transformation can start right now. Because you can choose, you can decide what to do with it.

With that in mind, you want to go onto the next stage of the one-page growth plan. And we want to cover the reality section. Because taking ownership is accepting where you are right now. So we've set the desire and I hope you have done that, don’t just rush through the videos without doing this otherwise you won't get the transformation you want.

Now we need to say ‘well where we are we?’

So you're going to go through and you're going to write out the reality of the situation of where you currently are. And it doesn't all have to be related to those three things above, but you will put where you currently are numbers-wise to do with those three things.

You can see here in my example. You know 30000, 1.2 million giving impacts and 160 pounds and then I've actually expanded a bit further, so we're not just looking at the quantitative, we add a bit of quality to it.

So mine is “I'm still conscious of the money I spend and worry about more coming in”.

It's true something I need to work on. Six months ago if I thought I had no idea I’d be making the money we are today with the company. But it's funny my consciousness hasn't caught up to it. I'm still kind of needing that security. So it's something I need to take ownership of that. That is the reality currently. That is putting a slight dampener on my joy of the world and what we're actually currently creating. So as long as I take ownership of that I can start trying to change that.

“My products help people. But there are things that need improving and we need the ability to scale. My charity work is making a difference, but want more. Eating is pretty good, skin has improved a lot. I'm very proud of my body” and I put “waiting for her” to do with the last bit in my desire section.

You can see as we going through this thing, it's not all, it doesn't have to be negative things. In some ways it can be positive. Because this isn't like blaming yourself for where you are and getting down and beating yourself up. That’s not useful. but it's just looking objectively at the reality and in some cases saying ‘oh I'm doing really well here’, like ‘oh we're really proud of my body’, that's great. Taking stock of where you are and then accepting that, taking ownership for it and that is the platform from which you can build to the next one to actually creating what you want.

So go ahead now and fill that out. Because it's a key part of taking ownership - Not just blame but also the credit for what you have done so far.