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3. Programme Overview

Stryv May 1, 2017
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Now I want to give you a run through of the specifics of the Stryv X programme both from how it is delivered and the interaction with me and then also an overview of the modules and the specific content.

So, the Programme Overview:

> It is a 6 week programme, it is designed to be gone through over 6 weeks

> You will do 2 modules per week because we’ve got 12 modules in total

> I keep the videos as short as possible in order to keep up momentum, I've been through programmes (and I am brilliant at going through programmes) but when they have back to back 2 hour long videos it can feel like you are not making any progress so I have kept it very short in order for you to feel like you are making progress and in order to simplify it, get right to the core and have none of the fluff for these really advanced topics.

If you need more expanding, I'll talk to you in a second about how you can get that additional understanding, but very short videos to keep up momentum

> We are going to make audios available so you will be listening to them on the go so this will be an ongoing process of releasing the audios as well

> And we have got transcripts so you will have better search functionality, so if you watch the training and you come back a week later and you think “I just want to learn about the behaviour again, what was that bit about frustration and when I create it?” so you can type in the search. Because we are going to transcribe all the videos you will be able to jump in the post to that section and then watch the video or get the audio or read the transcript and also just so that you have different modalities in order to access the information to really get it embodied within you.

> What we are going to do to get that level of interactivity but still on this scale is every week you are going to be able to submit questions and I'll take those questions and create answer videos in forms of FAQ. The reason we want to do it like this is these are some really advanced topics and they all link together and I'm going to show you how they all link together. But you will definitely have questions and you will have questions about how to apply it to yourself, even though we go into that, and I want to be able to interact with you but I want to be able to do it in a way that works for both of us. If we just did live calls you can feel like, if you can't make it, you feel like you're missing something and then you get behind and feel demotivated so we don't want that. I also travel alot so it is tricky to have a regular time and to keep everyone happy so it is good if I can create something quickly.

Another reason is I want it so that you are able to get the answer and then go back to it. So video format instead of something that just disappears after we talk.

So you can go back and then what happens is you are building a foundation of your own development. You don’t just hear something or have a coaching conversation and then you forget about it and you don’t move forward. You have got that video that you can always go back to and it is stuck in your mind.

So we have got the 12 main modules and then we have already got ideas for future added content and specific transformation, so doing more - applying all the stuff you are going to learn - but really specific examples for business or weightloss or coaching, but that might be something we have to develop further down the road.

The 12 modules is the core part of the programme.

So let’s go into it.

The first module is this Overview module, which you are in right now and it is explaining the programme details, the keys to success, setting intentions.

Then we have got the Integral module which you will learn about quadrants, lines, levels, states, types, you will learn all about integral theory and it is going to shift your paradigm of the world view and how you view the world.

Then we will go into Transformation - ‘What does it mean to transform’ - so now you have changed your worldview, let’s talk about specifically how you change. So you will learn the Personal Transformation Model, specific details of the Levels of Transformation, and How to use the Model and apply it to the transformations and the outcomes you have set in week 1 of this programme, how you use that model to really advance what you are doing and achieve those things faster.

Then we will go onto Behaviours - we will look at Success Behaviour, Behaviour Clusters & Levels, and Behavioural Constructs which I honestly think is going to blow your mind, I’m so excited - I just hope everyone is ready for it because we didn’t even share this stuff with the Global Execs or Olympic Athletes, this is such advanced stuff nobody has ever shown - what are the behaviours that create procrastination, what are the behaviours that create frustration, perfectionism… and then you will actually see - OK I’m doing these 4 things, I’m doing 3 of them well and it’s just this one thing that creates procrastination and how you just need to change a few little things and everything clicks into place.

5 min
It’s like that X missing piece bit. So you are going to love that.

The reason we are doing this order is we are going from things that are easier for you to understand and see - so behaviours - and then we are going deeper into really internal things you will see as we go through the programme.

After Behaviours, we go onto Performance. The relationship between Pressure and Performance, The Performance Model and Grid, The Performance Recipe.

Then onto Mindset where we will cover Growth vs Fixed, Fallibility of Mind where we have got some amazing content, well its all amazing but I love the stuff in there, and then the Neuroscience of Good Decision Making.

Then we go onto Values - Values Development, Spiral Dynamics, Aligning Values - its going to give you so much clarity and sense about the world and what your next levels of development are in terms of your values.

Then how you create your Vision out of that Values and how your level of development affects the Timeframes, the Perspective of your vision and the Creation of your vision and how that evolves over time.

Then we go onto your Purpose - Uncover your Purpose, how you do some Advanced Purpose Work and your Evolution of your Purpose and actually the downside. Everyone is like “I want Purpose in life” but as soon as you get a purpose there is also a downside to it. You are going to learn all about that and how you work with that to actually evolve your purpose which is just incredible.

Then we go onto some super advanced stuff on Maturity - this is where we look at the Disease of Meaning, where people live lives of just mild anguish because of not really understanding their own existence, How the ‘self’ is constructed and then the Adult Maturity Framework where you can identify where you are and what the next levels are.

Then we look at Emotions, the benefits of Emotional Intelligence, Fears and Opportunities - how they are constructed and how you alter and shift them, and then how the Emotions role is in the Constructing of Self. Really important because it gives extra emphasis on those emotions and changes then.

The finally we will look at Physiology. We will look at Brain Shut down, Keys to Breathing Patterns and Heart Rate Variability which is the most important physiological signal in your body, both for health and brain function and energy levels.

You can see the way the programme goes it is actually going from an overview of the philosophies and training and a systems view, down to things you can actually understand and see on the outside like behaviour and performance, then going deeper and deeper into thoughts and mindset, values, vision right down into things right inside of yourself to do with the ‘Self’, emotions and physiology. So it goes deeper and deeper into the human system.

So there is 4 areas. The first area is we are showing the ‘Way’. Then we are showing the ‘What’, the actual things that are there. Then the ‘Why’ which is the visions, the value, the purpose. And then the ‘Who’ like who you actually are in terms of internal lines of maturity development, the emotions and the self that is created out of them, and the physiological signals in the body.

So that is the 12 modules and you get 2 modules in this order, starting from overview, right the way through to physiology every single week.

In each module and each bit of training, we are going to apply the TEA principle. So this is just some cute little acronym - I love acronyms but I kept them out of this programme most of the time because they are such advanced topics, I didn’t want to dilute them with cute acronyms, but I’ve got one here and we are going to have lots of cups of TEA.

Theory - You are going to get the training and theory to start with

Examples - Because it is such advanced stuff I am going to give you examples

Application - Then I am going to help you apply it to the specific transformation that you are going to make

We will do that over and over again so that you will get the understanding, you will develop that understanding by how it applies to other examples and then you will actually put it into your life. This follows a pattern of evolution which we will talk about in other videos as well where you first emerge the idea, so you get the new training and theory, then you actually differentiate the different things, so you differentiate how you apply this theory or training to your weight loss, business or something else, and then you integrate it, in this case you are integrating the theory examples into how you apply it to your specific situation.

So that is the Programme Overview.