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4. Stryv X Success

Stryv May 1, 2017
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Now we are going to talk about Programme Success and this isn’t a specific thing - we aren’t getting into the specifics of your transformation yet, we will do that in a few videos/audios time. But I just wanted to give my own, almost way, of living life and recipe that can apply at any level and that I’d like you to try and apply to this programme.

So this isn’t any of the theory or developmental models, this is basically my own construction of the 6 key things, I think, that can make you extremely successful in any endeavour but I want you to think about it when you apply it to this programme.

The first principle is Ownership.

In fairness, I say there isn’t much research behind it, but research about agency and the feeling of being in control of your own destiny proves over and over again that you get increased wellbeing and health benefits and success from it. Because if you take ownership of the situation, you realise the things you can control and the things you can’t control and just focus on the things you can control and actually take responsibility of those instead of just reacting to the world then you are going to be much more successful. I’m going to go into more detail about this specific one in another video, because it is the most important one for me about owning your current situation and owning the transformation you are going to make during this programme. Whether that is owning the energy level as you are watching the videos or owning the programme you’ve created or to go through it - so saying I’m going to watch two videos every morning - or whatever it is, you need to take ultimate ownership of it.

Then it’s about being Open-Minded.

You are going to learn some pretty, sometimes counter-intuitive, sometimes mind expanding, sometimes things where because of the current level you are at the higher levels don’t make much sense, and I still have that - I’m not the highest levels of development, though I’ve done a lot of development, but I’m sharing stuff with you that is from the most advanced theorists in the world and bringing it all together so you want to stay open-minded to the content, the training, the examples and how you can apply it to your own life and open-minded to your own possibility of your potential and what you can create and how quickly you can transform.

Just because you aren’t where you want to be yet and you’ve never really done that yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you. It doesn’t mean because you have failed in the past to do the things you want that that has to be your future going forward, so you need to be open minded to both the programme and to yourself in terms of what can change.

One way to do that is the third thing which is Optimism.

This is being optimistic that this can be the difference, that this can be the missing variable, you can achieve those things. This positive mindset of looking at the best outcome.

Now you don’t want to over do it in terms of putting too much pressure on yourself and saying “I'm going to have my ideal life by tomorrow and everything’s going to be perfect” but optimistic that things can change, things will get better, I can grow, I can improve. This programme is going to help me. That will give you more energy to go through it completely, complete it, be optimistic about the things that are going to make the difference, and be optimistic about your own ability and that’s exciting. If you start being optimistic about the life you are going to create you will get more energy to it, you will be much more likely to create it and have these transformations that you want.

One of the things about that transformation is you want to be looking out for Opportunity.

When we set what you transformation is in a second, an important part of that is telling the brain to be looking for opportunities and to realise that there are all these ways to grow and enhance what you’re doing. So it’s not just that this course is everything. There may be other opportunities that through doing this course you start to recognise that actually there is a different way you can approach that or yeah I took this course before and didn’t go through it because I thought that this bit was missing but now I feel like I can go through it and I can make the most of that previous course - it’s now an opportunity. Where as before was a feeling of guilt that you hadn’t gone through it or something is missing, you might go through this one now and say actually I can go back to that, I’ve got an opportunity, I realised what is missing i just need to fill this in myself but the rest of it which I didn’t go through because I knew something was missing is actually really good.

As you start doing that and seeing the opportunities, you will then be able to Optimise more.

Optimising is a key part of how I like to show up in the world, so that could be optimising of how you go through the programme in terms of “I have the most energy in the morning so first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to listen to some videos and get me in the right state of mind and get excited about the day”.

Or it might be optimising your time of going through the programme so instead of actually having all this extra time, even though we keep this short and condensed anyway, you might listen to it while you are working out or in the car - that’s optimising the time that you are going through the programme.

Or you might find other ways to optimise. It is a key principle of mine in order to be successful and always trying to optimise what you are doing in any domain.

And then, the focus on Outcome.

You’ve got to have a focus on outcome if you want to achieve those outcomes and those different things. So we are going to get into a second of your specific outcomes that you want from this, but it is really important to always be focussed on that and how everything else kind of ties into delivering the outcome.

I still think other things are more important, like the ownership, because without ownership you can never get the outcome but you still need to focus on the end result that you really want and keep that in mind. I’m going to give you a tool and training model to do that in this very first week.

So this is how I view it in terms of a Pyramid with ownership at the top because that is the ultimate, tier 1, if you do not have that forget everything else.

Even if you are open minded and optimistic or see opportunities but if you don’t know how to do anything or realise that you are in control of doing anything then forget it.

So that’s at the top level. Then the next level are Open-Minded and Optimistic, and that’s almost your attitude and view of the world. Then the lower levels is the more concrete stuff like what are the opportunities, what are the things I can do; what can I optimise and then what ultimately am I trying to achieve (the outcome).

So I hope that helps - thats just my own recipe in order to create the success you are after.