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2. What Is Stryv X?

Stryv May 1, 2017
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What is StryvX?

Well it’s a programme to accelerate you becoming the person you want to be.

The reason it is called StryvX is there are lots of different names I liked the play on like ‘expand’ or ‘accelerate’ even though there’s not an X it sounds like it. Or the X stands for Multiplier in exponent. But really the reason I ultimately called it StryvX is because it is the missing variable of who you want to become, it explains what the missing variable was in the past of all the things you tried and perhaps all the things right now, starting in this programme, that you feel terrified that you are going to fail or disappoint yourself.

This programme is designed to help you not only achieve in this programme but actually let go of some of the previous guilt by explaining what was missing from them and saying ‘Look, it wasn’t your fault. You tried so hard and you did everything right but you didn’t know these things and this is what was missing’.

It’s like when you learn algebra, at first you can’t handle the idea that a letter can replace a number, I remember when I was trying to learn it just didn’t make sense. I was trying to get into the second one in maths and it just didn’t make sense, and it is interesting because it is actually a developmental thing - You can’t hold abstract thought until the myelin sheaths in your brain are insulated so you can actually hold the ‘X’ in what’s called ‘Abstraction’ and come back to it and say “OK what’s 4X = 16 - what does that mean?”.

Then when the penny finally drops and you go “Oh wait! There’s a link, that X equals 4” you just get the whole equation and now - just like in Maths - you can go back and plug that in to solve for something else, so when you have got an equation with multiple missing variables, just like your life and your life story up to this point have lots of different variables, once you get one of the variables you can then help solve the other ones.

So that’s really why I called it “StryvX” and what it’s all about.

So what does that really mean in terms of the programme and becoming who you want to be?

It’s about you being able to handle any challenges life throws at you. The reason you want to be able to do that is so that instead of seeing challenges you can see more opportunities, so having a better outlook and letting go of the past so you can let in some of the opportunities that are in front of you all the time.

Take advantage of all opportunities, even one’s currently outside of your comfort zone.

What is going to make you successful and you are to be successful is not who you are right now, so it will actually be a transformation of that comfort zone.

The point of this programme is the ability to create any transformation you want in life.

I’m going to get into specifics about how specific you want your transformation, but this programme is entirely about an abstracted level beyond that about the very nature of transformation. The way I think about it is lots of other programmes and the outcomes you want from this programme which will get into in a second in this week one module, is they are all saying to try and get you to your destination - so they are trying to get you to London or Paris or wherever, but everybody is starting at different points. So if I am trying to go to London and I am currently in Southampton then I have to take a very different journey to somebody who is in Edinburgh which is at the top of the UK. All these other programmes try and get you to a destination of something - OK so you’ll lose 10 pounds in 30 days; you’ll get 30 new coaching clients; you’ll earn 10,000 a month; you’ll be able to travel the world and earn money; you’ll be more confident, you’ll feel better - whatever it is, this programme is not about that.

I’m going to get you to focus in on your specific ones but it is about being able to drive, or in essence travel, to that destination. So it is a more abstract thing than one specific journey, and how you actually do that in more comfort and faster is what this is about.

It’s about avoiding regret of unfulfilled potential and dreams, so it’s that looking forward, knowing that there is something within you that you want to accomplish and that you want to be. Not just the things you want to have and create but how you want to feel and the identity, what you want to feel about yourself every single day and know what a life well lived is for you.

It’s about the other side - reducing suffering - so you are not on a daily basis beating yourself up, thinking you’re failing, thinking you’re not good enough, having negative emotions which cause stress and health problems. I know that from a very personal fact, I made myself ill when I was younger through stress and I saw my mum nearly kill herself and had to say goodbye to her when I was 11 years old through stress. It is important to reduce the suffering - not just in the present, but also relieve in the present what you are suffering because of what has happened in the past - both issues and events that have happened and the way you are making meaning out of the past and make sure we reduce suffering moving forward.

We also want the flipside and experience the joy of growth and development. Once you start actually knowing “I’m changing, this is cool! I'm a new person!”.

I don't know if you remember, I highly doubt this is the first time you have bought a transformational self help programme, so I just want you to remember the joy the first time you read a book - if this is the first time Amazing, because you have come in at the PhD University level and found us that way, but for most people who have read a book or done something else and that excitement of realising “Oh my god, there's ways to transform and change and I don't have to feel the way I am or be who I am right now, I can become whoever I want to be”. We want to capture that again because that starts of hugely powerful and the industry just kind of plateaus because they've not gone to the effort of trying to transform people - it's all very surface level. So we are going to get back to that joy of growth and development by showing you a whole range of lines you can develop over, what the next levels are, where you currently are, you are going to have such clarity about it, it will bring that joy and growth back.

It’s about becoming more so you have more to give others. This is a key part of our entire company philosophy is the fact that our name is Stryv and our company tagline is “For a better world” so Stryv for a better world. Now the ‘better world’ actually has 3 facets under it. It’s a better world for you, a better world for others - and that might be coaches who are trying to help others or just you being a key part of the community, and a better world for humanity which is why we do all of our charitable giving.

The more you become as a person, the less you are worrying about yourself and in survival mode, and that’s completely ok to be there - it is tricky to help others when you are in that survival mode, it’s important you look after yourself first. Just like on the airplane - you put your mask on before helping others, this programme is going to help you be more, become more and hopefully that means that so you have more to give others. As you vertically develop, which we will talk about in a second, develop your consciousness, it automatically changes your orientation, your centricity to being about myself, being about my tribe, being about the world, and caring about humanity in the universe so that’s a key goal of this programme.

So - are you ready? Lets go onto the next video and show you what’s in the programme.