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I had lost my wife and my family, my business, and my home. Not to mention my dignity and any trust that my family had in me.  Yet I continued to drink until I was totally at my bottom. I’d wake up hoping there was a bottle within reach and I’d drink (chug) until I’d black out again. I loved how I felt during and after running.

From a harrowing journey of drinking herself to the edge, Jen found the strength within to embark on a path of sobriety. Join us as we explore her inspiring transformation, offering hope to all those seeking redemption and a chance to embrace life anew. Get ready to Selecting the Most Suitable Sober House for Addiction Recovery be inspired as we illuminate the incredible journey from darkness to light with Jen as our guide. Rob believes in the power of recovery, sobriety, and therapy, often saying he enjoyed his 12-step recovery process. But he admits that a person must want to get help.

‘My mom said, ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re an alcoholic.”

I got a job I really wanted and then I got fired. So when I got sober, it gave me self-esteem, it gave me worth, it gave me a purpose. I didn’t know that I had so much potential to help people. At first it was difficult, but now it’s just become my life. I got sober two months after my mom died very suddenly.

  • I also included my counselor, Diane, who helped me overcome hidden traumas that I couldn’t seem to part with.
  • Without the Valley Hope and AA I would not be living the new life.
  • It builds a strong support system that many of us thrive on.
  • A friend invited me and another girl over to his house where his parents bought us alcohol.

At the beginning of all of this, there was part of me that thought if I just took enough time away from drinking, that I could go back and have a healthy relationship with it. I learned to accept that this wasn’t the case for me. It’s a process and acceptance is the key to all of this. It becomes the only thing that makes you happy. You become totally dopamine deficient, meaning that nothing else hits the bar like alcohol does. And even then, the pleasure you got when you first started drinking is gone.

Tiffany Jenkins went from detoxing on the floor at the local jail to 10+ years sober and inspiring millions along the way. ❤️🔥

I spent two years at the Progress house working on myself and my addiction. What I did realize is that you will get better clarity over time. My life problems have not gone away but I have the ability to deal with them on life’s terms. I also found a high power that I choose to call God.

inspirational stories of sobriety

We both knew something had to change, so I went to Valley Hope for treatment. I didn’t know what to expect, but after a few days, I knew it was where I needed to be. The people I met had the same problems and we managed to get through them together. The year of sobriety has gone by so fast, it was amazing.

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