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Gusto Review: Details & Features

Larger businesses may find ADP more appealing for its extensive growth plans. Alternatively, Paychex is an excellent substitute for companies looking for a more personalized payroll service. While Gusto markets itself as payroll software, it has surprisingly robust HR capabilities. Its hiring and onboarding features are certainly worth writing home about. The software easily integrates with accounting and other software, including QuickBooks, Xero, Clover, Trainual, and TSheets.

While there are some features missing Gusto’s capabilities easily outweigh its minor flaws. Gusto’s 1-month free Gusto Review: Details & Features trial gives you a chance to find out whether or not their service works for you without laying any money down.

Gusto Pricing and Options

Employee contributions are automatically deducted every pay cycle. Plus, employees can manage their own accounts and adjust their contributions according to their needs. Whether it’s a clock-in and clock-out system or you add hours all at once, Gusto keeps a tab on everything. The details are stored in the corresponding employee’s account, time-off records, pay stubs, and more. If employees forget to edit their hours, Gusto sends a reminder at the end of each pay period.

Is the Gusto card worth it?

Excellent. Gusto does what most professionals need it to do, which is centralizing HR and accounting data and documents. Good. Gusto's monthly pricing structure makes it less cost-effective than some of its competitors.

Gusto is also easy to use for both employers and employees alike. Full-time employees can even take advantage of Gusto’s spending account to get paid up to two days earlier, and high-yield savings account to grow their earnings beyond their paychecks. Gusto is a full-service payroll and benefits platform designed to grow with U.S.-based startups and small businesses.

Are you already using a time tracking system and will need to integrate it with Gusto?

The software has now become an indispensable part of the firm. Its ease of use, reports, inventory management as well as payroll features are exactly the things that we need to run our business successfully. Its ability to sync with other services and software is commendable. In the Gusto vs ADP comparison, Gusto wins out as a more affordable option, as it includes many of ADP’s add-on features in its pricing plan bundles and offers unlimited payroll processing.

Gusto Review: Details & Features

This breakdown gives you a 360° view of team efficiency and project cost. You can also easily sync with Xero or Quickbooks Online to get the complete picture of hours and cost. This feature lets you choose when you’d like your employees to be paid, and then Gusto takes care of the rest. You also get a notification a day before payday, in case you’d like to make changes. You’ll be able to set precisely the kind of payment schedule that suits your business and workforce.

Do you think Gusto delivers value for the money spent?

Although the Plus plan doesn’t come with priority customer support, you can add on priority support and access to HR experts for an additional $8 per month per person. This is ideal for businesses who want HR expertise at their fingertips. For that, you get everything in the previous three plans as well as access to certified HR pros and the online HR resource center. The purpose of Gusto’s hiring and onboarding features is, again, to save you and your time when you’re bringing new people into your workforce. Additionally, Gusto lets you create custom paid time off policies for your business.

The Gusto applications allow workers to link their bank accounts and receive notifications of payments. Payroll Taxes – Gusto handles all your company’s payroll tax responsibilities. The payroll software automatically calculates the payroll taxes and fills out and files the required payroll tax forms with each local, state, and federal agency. It also makes all the required payroll payments on your business’s behalf. Gusto works with a flat monthly payment plan based on how feature-rich you want your Gusto experience to be. While Gusto isn’t a payroll solution that necessarily competes on price like others might, its set of features are still relatively affordable for both smaller and growing businesses.

Also, any software with 1,000-plus reviews on any third-party site is preferred. Small businesses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to offer perks to their employees can easily sign up for one of the many benefits Gusto offers. If you’re paying salaried employees and don’t expect any changes to pay runs, you can set Gusto to run automatically. You can also do the same for hourly-paid staff, provided they have fixed working hours. Gusto’s full-service payroll and solid HR tools make it a great choice for a wide range of business types, organizations, and users.

Gusto Review: Details & Features

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