What Is Conversational User Interface UI?

what is conversational ui

In this article, I talk about what exactly conversational UI is and what benefits a business can get from introducing it in any type of software. People want to message or text to connect with customer service teams. With those questions answered, you are ready to start designing your own conversational UI. You can make a simple rules-based chatbot in a couple of hours without any coding skills. Before you decide to design a conversational UX, you have to think it out and ask yourself eight extremely important questions.

What is the difference between an API and a UI?

An API is very much the same thing as a UI, except that it is geared for consumption by software instead of humans. This is why APIs are often explained in the mainstream media as a technology that allows applications (software programs) to talk to one another.

We started giving our chatbots names and personalities, and expected them to be the next big thing. This generation is so obliged to respond to text messages that they habitually do so at the risk of their health and protection. But, conferring to research by Twilio, an incredible 82% of customers keep messaging notifications on and answer a text received by the business within five minutes. Before consuming texts to communicate with Chatbots, we used to have a conversation. However, the statistics reveal that the current generation has become weirdly affectionate towards texting and chatting.


Personal agents provide interaction to customers delivering personalized support via email or live chat on business websites. It’s no wonder companies are designing chatbots and voice user interfaces to suit a growing list of business needs, from lead generation to customer support. A conversational user interface (CUI) allows people to interact with software, apps, and bots like how they interact with real people.

  • A conversation begun with a bot using conversational AI can be transferred to a live agent within the messaging app or on the phone without the conversation losing momentum or data.
  • Users interact with the store just like they interact with a real person, like a customer assistant.
  • Medical professionals have a limited amount of time and a lot of patients.
  • In practice, when creating a user flow for a chatbot, it’s important that designers think out of the box to uncover some of the hidden benefits of texting.
  • The first case may warrant a simple rules-driven bot with a couple clever answers for the people who like to ask silly questions.
  • In order to see more search results, the bot reminds the user to type “more,” though there are actually no additional results.

AI-powered No-Code chatbot maker with live chat plugin & ChatGPT integration. The bot is mirroring the type of experience you would get when you go into the real retail store. The modern history of interfaces begins with the command line interface. It was the first interface people created to interact with machines. Interactions were straightforward — a user types in commands and gets a response.

What is a Conversational UI and why does it matter?

Presenting a design prototype allows for iteration even before a line of code is written. As a result, the user knows that yes, they will get a response and do not feel lost in the process. This example shows that you don’t have to use the regular chat box design for your conversational UI, design choice should be based on need. Incorporating inclusive language and design is about communicating in a way the customer resonates with.

Paradox Launches Industry-First Conversational ATS to … – PR Newswire

Paradox Launches Industry-First Conversational ATS to ….

Posted: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

That is why customer service was the first to adopt chatbots and make… Conversation experiences appeared in the design world in 1961 when IBM introduced the first digital speech recognition tool. Then in 1966, Eliza was one of the first chatbots that mimicked human conversation.

Conversational UI: The Ultimate Guide 2023

From 2017 to 2020 alone, Domino’s made 27 million Facebook impressions. They introduced CUI into their business, allowing customers to order food through a bot on Facebook Messenger. Duolingo understood that the most significant problem they would face would be helping users effectively learn a language.

what is conversational ui

To be very frank, I personally am a bit worried while the advance of these technologies. Studies state that the use of human brain is going to be limited as automation increases. For example, Don’t we find it difficult to even remember passwords and contact numbers? Unfortunately, Google Glass epic did not do well in the technology market. As it was a wearable device, it gave rise to safety and health concerns. Now, Virtual Reality devices are becoming more and more popular these days.

Conversational UI Mobile Examples for Inspiration

Skyscanner is one great example of a company that follows and adapts to new trends. With many people using the Telegram messaging service, Skyscanner introduced a Telegram bot to target a wider audience to search for flights and hotels easily. Throughout the process of searching and selecting a flight, Skyscanner€™s chatbot constantly confirms the cities and dates that you have chosen. Conversational User Interface (CUI) is an artificial interface with which you can communicate to either ask questions, place orders, or get information.

  • Zydus Hospitals automated their lead generation from the website and provided a platform where visitors can check symptoms, schedule doctor appointments, and put up admission requests.
  • And, these habits are shifting the way people want to talk with brands, too.
  • Duolingo is known for its conversational AI and conversational marketing strategies.
  • From where people had to learn to communicate with conversational UI, now it is conversational UI that is learning to communicate with people.
  • The difference between good and average chatbots is how they make the customer feel and how fast they solve their problems.
  • Some bots can be built on large language models to respond in a human-like way, like ChatGPT.

It’s no wonder – there are just many routine things to keep track of. The system can also redirect to the human operator in case of queries beyond the bot’s reach. We’ve summarized here the top 10 metrics to follow in order to gain a better knowledge of your users as well as the impact of your AI CUI. The response is the content which will be delivered to the user once the request for fulfilment has completed. ● When you consider appropriate, you can create as many test cases as are needed in each flow. ● In some cases it could be easier to perform the testing under scenarios where each scenario corresponds to a specific flow.

Conversational Ui Examples

Commands are processed and responses are designed in a way that the user feels as if he is speaking or texting with another human being. As the number of mobile apps increases, while the size of our mobile screens decreases, we’re reaching the limits of the mobile “OS + apps” paradigm. It’s getting harder to download, setup, manage and switch between multiple apps on our mobile device and most mobile users only use a handful of apps every day. As an alternative, messaging apps are becoming the new platform, subsuming the role played by the mobile operating system. This is similar to the trend in the mid-’90s when the browser replaced the desktop OS as the new platform. Just as websites replaced client applications then, messaging bots will replace mobile apps now.


Instead of forcing customers to use their branded app or website, they meet customers on the apps that they already know and love. Over time, this active testing will help to build an interaction model, including the nuances of different user requests, and the appropriate AI responses in each case. For example, in some cases, users won’t think to use any of the specific keywords that metadialog.com a bot is programmed to link with a particular answer. In these cases, the bot could continue the conversation by eliciting more information until an appropriate keyword is used. In the next decade, we are going to see the very same things happen with artificial intelligence and Conversational UI. These interfaces predominantly consist of chatbots that are powered by written messages.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Or, I could help you with providing the details of our products and it’s availability. So our chatbots should be clearly defined with the tasks it is going to perform. It should also not be overloaded with too much information or tasks so it couldn’t do anything well and confuse customers with too many choices. A comScore study showed that 80% of mobile time is dedicated to the user’s top three apps. Hence, it’s much easier and more effective to reach customers on channels they already use than trying to get them to a new one.

what is conversational ui

What is an example of a conversational UI design?

Google Assistant and Siri

Siri and Google Assistant are examples of conversational UIs. The main difference between these apps is that they are voice-enabled instead of text-based. You can ask either one all sorts of questions and tell them to do all sorts of things.

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